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Breeder Formula 12 oz tub (small) Specially formulated for sugar gliders that are responsible for nurturing your future baby sugar gliders.  F1   $10.00    $10.00   
Supreme Chicken & Egg 1/2 gallon This food features chicken and egg with whole grain nutrition. A great source of protein.  F11A   $20.00    $20.00   
Prairie Dog Chow 1/2 Gallon Just like children like chicken nuggets, Prairie Dogs like these nuggets specially designed for their nutritional needs.  F14   $20.00    $20.00   
Chicken Protein Diet Glider Food Gallon Sugar Gliders need protein. This choice being made with real chicken has plenty of it!  F4B   $35.00    $35.00   
Glider Buffet 12 oz tub (small) The name says it all. This is one of our favorites. It's a blend of Chicken, Tutti Frutti, Eucalyptus, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, vitamins and much more.  F3   $10.00    $10.00   
Complete Plus Food 1/2 gallon We took two good glider diets and made them even better. We mixed Complete with Papaya and Eucalyptus then added lots more fruit and fun colors, shapes, textures and flavors that provide enrichment and mental stimulation that your gliders will love.  F5A   $20.00    $20.00   
Variety Pack Give your glider a choice each night. Equal portions of sugar gliders' favorites. Includes Tutti Fruitti, Glider Buffet, Gourmet Sticks, and Glider Grub. Lets your sugar glider decide which one it likes the best.  F15   $20.00    $20.00   
Tutti Fruiti 1/2 gallon This diet combines apple, cherry, melon, grape and banana in a well-balanced diet. It is our gliders' favorite. When in doubt, start with Tutti Frutti.  F10A   $20.00    $20.00   
Monkey Vitamin D3 Booster  MV   $10.00    $10.00   
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