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Butterscotch Drops 8 oz. tub Looking for a new treat for your friend look no further! Your glider will enjoy that classic butterscotch flavor in these bit-sized treats.  T59   $10.00    $10.00   
Carrots 8 oz. tub  MT9   $6.00    $6.00   
Monkey Munch 2 tubs for $20  MT30A   $20.00    $20.00   
Monkey Biscuits 8 oz. tub  MT25   $6.00    $6.00   
Big Monkey Face Diaper Bag  MDBF   $30.00    $30.00   
Wax Worm Snacks 20 gram bag  MT53   $6.00    $6.00   
Mellow Puffs These bite size marshmallow bits fit perfect in your critters hands. 8 oz tub  69   $6.00    $6.00   
Nectar 8 oz. tub  MT32   $10.00    $10.00   
Bee Pollen 1 oz. pack A pure form of Bee Pollen. Has all the essential amino acids and is a complete protein. Packed with vitamins A, B Complex C,D,E,K and Rutin, 28 minerals needed for good health. Enzymes and co-enzymes necessary for good digestion.  S1   $6.00    $6.00   
Berry Crunchies 8 oz. tub  MT4   $12.00    $12.00   
Meal Worms 8 oz. tub  MT24   $10.00    $10.00   
Monkey Feast 8 oz. tub  MT27   $12.00    $12.00   
Starter Kit Black This starter kit includes everything you need to get started with your new sugar glider. Kit includes 6 months of food, 1-year of Cal-c-yum (vitamins), leash, water bottle, sleeping pouch, bonding pouch, glider book and a starter cage.  500BSK   $100.00    $100.00   
Berry Crunchies 2 tubs for $20  MT4A   $20.00    $20.00   
Monkey Morsels Cherry 8 oz. tub  MT29   $12.00    $12.00   
Starter Cage Black Stand  503BS   $30.00    $30.00   
Bedding small bag Premium pet bedding from safe, clean cellulose fiber. It's free of inks, dyes, clay and other chemical contaminates. It does not contain aromatic oils that exist in pine and cedar shavings. Tested for harmful contaminates and is sanitized to 380 degrees F. Ultra long odor control, absorbent, soft, clean and long lasting.  CA1   $7.00    $7.00   
Cantaloupe 8 oz. tub  MT7   $6.00    $6.00   
Fruit Crunchies 8 oz. tub  MT16   $12.00    $12.00   
Hugs N Kisses 8 oz. tub  MT20   $10.00    $10.00   
Critter Charms These colorful small marshmallow treats will charm your critters.  68   $6.00    $6.00   
Bug Blend 1.71 oz. bottle  MT6   $10.00    $10.00   
Fruit Crunchies 2 tubs for $20  MT16A   $20.00    $20.00   
Gumivore Fare 2 Fruit  MT19C   $20.00    $20.00   
Green Peas 8 oz tub Dried naturally and very tasty contains iron and calcium.  T23   $6.00    $6.00   
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